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Restaurant » Dracula's castle

Dracula's castle

A large hall round wouldn't be complete unless you see something special,something unexampled. Because only this is how to describe the inner castle build of old sterling stone, with iron stake windows and resoluteness watched by the two bearded knights. Blood trails are what you can see on the entrance gate where old letters remained scratched on wood as a missive across centuries to warn the visitors not to enter if he fears death. If your blodness bears you beyond yhe threshlod, you'll be thriled: thick mules embedded skulls and skeletons and frescoes liming scenes in wich old enemies of our people are judged, convicted and executed.
All these transpose you in the middle of an evil ritual - a weltered history quiver of nation torn apart by invaders' hordes every once in a while.

Table enormous, long and thick that lies in the middle of the room is where gold goblets that urges you to extend tastings. In this castle miniaturized specific foods can serve as skewers for vampri, all accompanied by red wine.

As if it wasn't enough already, faces of monsters and vampires arise from the fog. As fog, darkness, thunders and lightings make you shiver with fear, on a stone throne, holding his spear in his right hand, the famous Romanian prince Vlad reveals fiery and haughty from the mist of time. It seemms he greets you awhile inspiring faith and strength, so than to become the transfigured vampire again and to back in.